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Book: Be With You by Takuji Ichikawa

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When Takumi's wife suddenly returns from the grave, he can't believe his eyes. How could such a thing be possible? Is she here to stay? Has love miraculously triumphed over death? As Takumi starts looking for answers to these questions, he discovers the secret of his wife's appearance is somehow linked to the past...and the future.

to further extend amazon's description, takumi is a 29 year old man who's wife has passed away the year before. he lives in a small home with his five year old son, yuji. their family life is so endearing. he's a clumsy man who often gets sick but he cares for yuji as best he can. it's been a year since mio has passed away but he still feels the pain deeply. mio was his first and only love. on her deathbed, she tells him she will return to them a year after, during the rainy season. takumi, of course, knows that is not possible but the thought and her words still linger in his mind. takumi and yuji spend their days walking in the woods and talking with nombre and pooh in the park. one day, at the start of the rainy season, mio comes back. she has come back without her memory. the rest of the novel focuses on the time she spends with them and he tells her the story of their love which was the happiest and most beautiful thing to read. you'll discover whether she stays or leaves and why and how she has come back in the first place. the ending is sad but the story as a whole will warm your heart.

i finished this book about a week or so ago and it is now one of my all time favorites. so full of emotion and love and family life. it was beautifully written and heart-breaking and i love every single word of it. this is the type of story that can speak to everyone because it's about love and family and life. takuji ichikawa is a brilliant writer. this book is really popular in japan! i read somewhere that is surpassed norwegian wood by haruki murakami who, at the time, was the best selling book in japan.

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